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coffee // morning (september 2019) in support of the MacMillan Trust and featured photography by emma tremble / various artist
£153.08 raised 
'garden' // 'party' (august 2019) pop up show #3 featured art bank nina coulson jean freeman and various artist
(don't) try this at home #2 (june 2019) pop up show #2 featured paul newman (featured artist on a feature wall) jean baynham rosie down-smyth jenna fox jean freeman paul johnson james middleton jain my lexi strauss and emma tremble 
image taken from paul newmans' white van series (2019)
(don't) try this at home (may 2019) pop up show featured jean baynham rosie down-smyth jenna fox jean freeman paul johnson  jain my john robinson lexi strauss and emma tremble
image from an idea by charlie williams : design helen grundy
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