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Worcester Welcomes Careful Artists...
For 2020 404space would like to propose a series of exchanges. Home & Away is an opportunity for artists to engage in a spirit of mutual support and encouragement and exhibit in an environment/area different to that in which they might normally find themselves. The aim is to increase both an artists audience (and their network of contacts).
How it works - 404space will host you and your work over a weekend with a pop up show on the Saturday. We will provide wine, refreshments and appropriate advertising (it is a private house). 404 has plinths, tools, projector and sound equipment for you to use. The show will be curated by 404. In return you then do the same for the 404space artist(s). 
Your exhibition space  doesn't necessarily have to be like for like as long as it is agreed upon in advance. The host agrees to provide accommodation (no one is expecting 5* with an ensuite, a sofa will be fine!) for up to two visiting artists for the duration of the show (1-2 nights). 
Interested parties please submit the following to the email below:
- contact details
- links to your work
- a brief statement about your practice 
- details of work you might intend showing and/or ideas for potential collaboration.
Please also include details/images of your exhibition space as well as an indication as to preferable dates for hosting/visiting (ie month) both home & away
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