Just Another Artist Led Space?

Conceived in a storm and opened in 2019 404(project)space is an artist led not for profit art space dedicated to promoting visual arts via networking and food. A private space events/exhibitions are by invitation only. The following is an excerpt from an interview with 404 co founder Jean Freeman

404space - it's a gallery right?

Yeah, we were going to call it 'just another artist led space'

What can you do that other galleries can't?

We believe that it isn't enough simply to be able to tie your hair into a French plait and network nicely with Theo and Rosie. Todays creatives are rearing and slaughtering their own guinea pigs. 404space believes in soup and hope. Art isn't enough, a movement marches on its stomach. Our minds may be teeming with ideas but our bellies are full of worms and chocolate orange negroni

No manifesto on your website, perhaps a menu instead?

Funny. We are Macbeth reimagined as a Disney cartoon. 

Why 404space?

When people google it they'll read 404space doesn't exist, give up and log out

Isn't that slightly self defeating? 

Look, mankind is currently bludgeoning his way through a second middle aged crisis. He copes by posting petit bourgeoise selfies in verity disarray whilst a tomcat called Tyson coughs up fur balls for fun. 

Some will sip on fireside malts and await direction. We are not those people, seeking empathic enlightenment, we want a second industrial strength revolution. Another Bernini might be nice but we are still cataloguing the one we have. 

So when and where will your revolution begin?

Maybe it will happen on the streets, it's always the streets isn't it - those comfortable, kettle friendly cup de sacs that carry us home on a water canon wave of cabernet cabaret and corporate hostility. As you red this someone in a grey hoodie with Athletic pencilled on the front is reclaiming them by tagging your poly tunnel in large fluorescent bubble letters. he is a vegan called Jim or James. Or Beth. Or Both.

Ok, perhaps you could tell us a little about your practice...

In days like these simply saying you have a 'practice' seems like nothing more than a bourgeois conceit. Like all good artists we are simply chasing that elusive beast called the sublime and then stabbing it with our palette knifes

You seem to quote constantly from popular culture...

You know how when you take a dog for a walk and the animal will run off but keep returning to see where you are - well, we are that dog.

People often look to artists for inspiration but how can you be expected to save the world when so few of you are able to draw?

We are conceptualists, we can draw we just choose not to.

Do you have a signature piece that we can all admire?

A painting is never finished, it is simply abandoned and with the author long gone. The entire history of art is littered with abandoned texts, museums are nothing more than entertainment lay-bys in a cultural blizzard of fake snow.

How do you think 404space is viewed?

Our friends treat us with suspicion and our enemies are all dead. 

Let's talk about MEnU - it is a bit like Crit Club meets Come Dine With Me?

We prefer to think of it as Jim, Dine With Me 

Ok, I like it! Jim, Dine With Me, who is on the guest list?

Bono, Eno, Ono and Godot

Sounds a riot, no women?

Godot isn't a woman? 

What might you provide by way of entertainment?

We'll make everyone take a lie detector test 

What if anything do you hope for 404space to achieve?

We'd like to save the world but how can we be expected to when so few of us are able to draw?

Tell us a joke

We helped an army veteran decorate a cake, we awarded him the Victoria sponge. 

And finally, what is your super power?


keep art evil with halo copy.jpg

"WE JUST WANT TO MAKE YOUR teeth itch, Your EYEBALLS WOBBLE and Your Wallet Tremble" 404space